The efficiency and performance of cloud-based services can be boosted by moving deployment decisions up the development chain. Resource-aware services give the client application better control of the resource usage on the cloud, in order to meet SLAs at lower cost.

Formal methods, executable models, and deployment modeling are ingredients which can make this vision happen. A concrete realization of these ideas are being implemented for the ABS modelling language.

ABS is a language for Abstract Behavioral Specification, which combines implementation-level specifications with verifiability, high-level design with executablity, and formal semantics with practical usability. ABS is a concurrent, object-oriented, modeling language that features functional data-types.

  • ABS is designed to develop executable models with an object-oriented program flow
  • ABS targets distributed and concurrent systems by means of concurrent object groups and asynchronous method calls
  • ABS supports model variability based on delta-oriented specifications
  • ABS supports deployment modelling based on high-level deployment models
  • ABS supports a range of techniques for model exploration and analysis, based on formal semantics