Installing Command-Line Tools

Many of the tools can be run from the command line. This chapter describes how to run various tools on a local machine.

Installing the ABS Compiler

To install the ABS compiler, install the Java 8 JDK and Erlang (version 21 or higher). Then, clone the git repository and build the compiler:

git clone
cd abstools/frontend
./gradlew assemble

After a successful build, there is an absc shell script in the abstools/frontend/bin/bash/ directory that invokes the ABS compiler. For Windows, there is abstools/frontend/bin/win/absc.bat. After adding that directory to your path environment variable, you can invoke absc on one or more abs source files with a command like absc -erlang model.abs.

Installing KeY-ABS

For a local installation of the KeY-ABS theorem prover, install Java 8. Then, download KeY-ABS from Unzipping that downloaded file and double-clicking on the key.jar file should start KeY-ABS. To start from the command line, use:

java -jar key.jar