Converted Tutorials

Conversion from old tutorials is on-going and help is most welcome.

  • Language Tutorial
  • This tutorial gives an overview of the ABS language.

  • Resource Analysis with SRA
  • We prototype a static analysis technique that computes upper bounds of virtual machine usages in a dialect of ABS called vml.

  • Resource Analysis with CostABS
  • CostABS is a a static analyzer for automatically inferring upper/lower bounds on the worst/best-case Resource usage (a.k.a. cost) of ABS programs. In this tutorial, we overview the different features of CostABS by example.

  • Resources
  • An introduction to time and resource modeling in ABS.

Envisage / HATS Tutorials

These tutorials were written during the Envisage and HaTS projects. The pdfs are provided as-is and might contain outdated information.

Installation Tutorial

EasyInterface Tutorial

Resource Tutorial

Resource Analysis (SACO) Tutorial

Resource Analysis (SRA) Tutorial

Deadlock Analysis (SACO) Tutorial

Deadlock Analysis (SRA) Tutorial

Systematic Testing (SYCO) & Test Case Generation (aPET) Tutorial

Smart Deployer Tutorial

KeY-ABS Tutorial

Modelling Auto-scalable Services Tutorial